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What You Need to Know About Raising Children in A Media-Driven World That Easily Robs Real Childhood

The New Book “Childhood is A Verb is a testament on how to create a balanced and joyful life with and for our children. Enjoy and share with your friends, family members and colleagues. ” - Cynthia Aldinger (Lifeways Founder)*

Virtual Childhood isn't Enough - We Are more "Connected" than ever before but we have never been so Disconnected from reality.... What is Common Sense is Rarely A Common Reality...

In Bente Goldstein's book you will get an account for:


The Child as a "Doer"

"...a remarkable testament to the value of including children in real work of our households, schools and every day life!"*

Practical, Step-by-Step Recipes

"Bente's wisdom of the developing child and her decades of bringing joyful "will work" to children of all ages is brilliantly shared in a way that is practical, clear and easy to incorporate into daily life.... "*

A Study Guide for Better Parenting

"This is an ideal book for a parenting book club or study guide for teachers..."*

Increasing Childs Engagement 

"....a pure inspiration for others interested in offering farm education or other activities that engage the will of the child in such meaningful ways."*

Bente Goldstein

Bente runs FarmWise Education, a farm-based educational experience offered to children six to twelve years of age, on her and her husband’s organic farm in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA.

Originally from Norway, Bente was previously program director at “A Week on the Farm”, a farm program in partnership with veterinarian Dana Burns. 

Formerly a Waldorf teacher, she has taught and administered Waldorf Homeschool Enrichment Programs in the winter time for over a decade.

All her summer and year-round programs incorporate farm chores, snack and meal preparation, and singing songs from around the world at FarmWise.

Bente Goldstein Childhood is a Verb

The Author - Bente Goldstein

Illustrations by Anne Decker 

 Excerpts from the Book -

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    Section One: Kids 101 
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    What is "will" really? - Childhood Before and Now - Firsthand Experiences 
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    Why the outer movements of a child become inner movements as an adult 
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    'Experiencing' in time and space, the nature and natural (and powerful) 'topic' of childhood, 
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    Why Inner life will come on the heels of outer life. 
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    Section Two: New Problems 
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    Why Grownups can't teach the full reality of things to kids and what to do about it in the educational system
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    The two major problems with too much technology for modern children...
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    Section Three: Making a More Balanced Solution 
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    Utilize "Needification" oppurtunities 
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    New parenting Paradigm for Parents 
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    How to Do purpose-filled tasks, together with your kids 
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    The 5 Reasons you MUST put boundaries around media around kids 
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    5 Reasons why being "bored" is positive and absolutely necessary for growth and creativity etc., 
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    10 Reasons Chores Bring value to You AND your Child

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